Vad några av mina klienter sagt…

“Anneli is an amazing coach. She shows up fully presence, she is real, authentic and caring. She hold a space where all emotions can be shared with understanding and safety. She is capable of creating a room where we together reflect and discover. She holds you accountable to reach your goals that is totally in alignment with your own truth. I warmly recommend working with her for making changes in your life.”

“For holding me, for caring, for getting me through. I was so struggling in Germany. You were my guiding angel.”

“Jag känner att du har gjort skillnad i mitt liv. Öppnat mitt sinne att se på saker på ett annorlunda positivt sätt. Jag rekommenderar alla att gå till en coach. En investering för livet.”

“I have been working with Anneli for several months now. I want to thank yo so much for inspiring me to get out there, face my fears and just do it. Then to keep doing it! Anneli you truly walk the walk and watching you gives me the confidence to know I can achieve my dreams too. Thank you so much.”